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Imaginative Play Star Wars

Dramatic Play and Play with Equipment/Props

The movie Star Wars inspired play at a number of schools.


At School 16

Players: 3
Age: 8
Props: Wall with a drawing on it
The boys called this Lego Star Wars. This was a "pretend game". The boys were the characters out of Lego Star Wars. They were attempting to rescue the princess, by fighting a drawn figure on the wall.

At School 02

Players: 5
Age: 9
Props: Star wars book

These boys were gathered around a Star Wars book, which was lying open on a bench. They were discussing Star Wars characters and other aspects of the stories.

At School 19

Players: 3
Age: 8

There is a recording that provides further details

At School 18

Players: 2
Age: 7

'Star Wars' battle re-enactment. 'Laser swords' - goodies fighting baddies.


Players: 2
Age: 6

Imaginary light sabre battle with 'Ching- ching!' sound effects.

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