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Imaginative Play Aliens

Dramatic Play and Imaginary Play

Space aliens are fertile source of inspiration for imaginary play.


At Qeanbeyan

Players: 3
Age: 11

1human, 1 alien, guardian sent from another galaxy who protects the human from the alien.:

At School 05

Players: 3
Age: 12

One boy is the bounty hunter, the other two are aliens named Bounty and Jabba the Hutt (names from Star Wars films). They run around the school, with the bounty hunter chasing the aliens because 'I'm the man and I have to shoot the aliens.' Whenever someone gets shot they have to stop for ten seconds and then resume.

They have imaginary guns, grenades and food. The food is eaten to restore their health.

The bounty hunter has a gun with bullets and the aliens have lasers. When the bounty hunter runs out of bullets he has to 'pause' and refill his gun. The lasers need batteries, so every 1000 shots the aliens have to 'pause' to repair their batteries.

There is a 'shop' - "like a vending machine" (a tall metal electrical meter box with lots of padlocked doors) "where you get all your guns 'n' stuff." There is a force field around the 'shop' "so no-one can get in while someone's in there".

The boy who is the bounty hunter said he used to play the game when he was at another school (which shares the playground and other facilities). When he came to School 05 he thought he could play the same game here so he told his friends about it and they started playing.

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