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Miscellaneous Physical Play Secret Jedi

Ball Game, Physical Play, Running Game and Teacher aided game

A running game organised by adults based on star wars characters.


At School 13

Players: 15 +
Boys and Girls
Age: 10-11
Props: a soft ball

This game is an adaption of a game called Star Wars which is from the Bluearth Program. This program is a physical/personal development and health program that focuses on team work, self esteem and confidence building as well as behaviour, health and academic achievement.

Two teams start at each end of a netball court. The court is divided into thirds, each team has a home third and the centre third is neutral where anyone can go. Teams try to throw a ball at each other to hit players on the other team. Once hit a player must squat down and wait to be freed. Each team has two Jedi's who can free those who have been hit and get them back in the game. Once the Jedi's have been hit they no longer are able to free players. The aim of the game is to get rid of the Jedi's first and then the game continues until the team with the most players still standing, wins.

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