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Chasing Game Brandy

Ball Game, Chasing Game, Forbidden Game and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Ball against the Wall (At School 02)
  • Ball Tiggy (At School 02)
  • Brandings (At School 08)
  • Dodge Ball (At School 05, School 02 and School 10)
  • Poison Ball (Also known as)

Brandy is a chasing game where a ball is used to tag players.


At School 17

According to students this is one of the more popular games played at the school. It has basic rules but these are usually re-negotiated depending on the situation at the time of play, and modified rules are usually instigated by older players. In brief, the player who is 'it' or 'in' chases the other players holding a basket ball. He or she throws the ball at the bodies of other players and if the ball hits them, they then become 'it' or 'in'. The only consistent rule in this game is that the ball cannot be thrown at the head.

At School 15

Age: 12
4 Players:
Props: constructed hiding place and a ball

This version of brandy involves hiding places . The 'it' must find and brand the other players with a ball. The game is played in and out of the out of bounds areas and the playground.

It was played amongst shrubs and bushes aligning the car park area. Brander/child with ball (tennis ball or larger) throws it at another child. If the brander hits the child, that child becomes the brander. Children use the shrubs, bushes and gravel edge of car park to play.

At School 02

Players: 4
Age: 11
Props: Any sort of Ball

One person stands out the front, facing the other players who are standing with their backs against the wall. The person in front throws the ball, trying to hit someone. If someone is hit, he changes places with the person throwing the ball. If the ball is caught, it means the person is not out, and he doesn't have to change places.

The people against the wall are allowed to duck and dodge, but they must keep in contact with the wall somehow.

The person who gets the ball from the classroom is the one who starts off out the front.

There is another version of the game played at the school, where players run all around the place, instead of staying by a wall.

There is another game called Ball Tiggy played at School 02:

Players: 6
Boyss and females
Age: 9
Props: Adventure playground equipment, yellow AFL football, wooden beams

These students were playing BALL TIGGY on the play equipment (AP2), using a yellow AFL football. Whoever was 'It' had to throw the ball to hit someone else, who became 'It'. They were climbing up onto the platform and running around the equipment and in the immediate area. When they became puffed out, they sat on the wooden beams (B1) for a breather, and said they were 'on pause'. They only use the wooden beams when they are 'on pause'.

At School 08

Players: Whole class . The game was teacher organised
Boyss and females
Age: 12

One player stands at each end of the playing area, and the rest of the players gather together in the middle. The players at the ends have to try to get the players in the middle out by hitting them with the ball.

At School 19

Players: Many
Boys and Girls
Age: 11
Props: Volley ball or small softish ball

'Theres two or three balls, and you have to try and hit them below the waist.' The informants were blocked during their description of this game and then distracted from continuing however according to a number of other informants 'dodge ball' despite being banned last year, is played in the playground, by choice. It is also reasonable to discover what is learned in the gym or during class time to enable researchers the determine the origin of games other fieldworkers might discover in the playground, that may or may not have this accompanying information.

At School 10

Players: 7
Boys and Girls
Age: 10
Props: ball

This game is usually played in the large playground but due to the erection of a new fence that part of the playground,
area 2 and 3 was out of bounds. The children adapted the game to the area in the cricket nets.

One person is in and they have the ball. The other children line up, along the end of the cricket nets, where the black rubber is. The person with the ball throws the ball, intending to hit one of the lined up children. They need to dodge the ball. If the ball makes contact with a child, that child is in. And so the game continues.

At School 18

Players: 2
Age: 8
Props: ball

Throwing ball against the wall, practising pitching

At School 05

Players: 5
Age: 9
Props: Soft ball, larger than a tennis ball but smaller than a basketball

One person has the ball, everybody else lines up with their backs against the wall. The person with the ball throws or kicks it at the other players, and if it hits someone they are out. If the player catches the ball, they 'get a life', which means that the next time they are hit with the ball they are not out but have another chance. Players can get more than one 'lives', it depends on how many times they can catch the ball.

At School 12

Players: 3+
Age: 10-11

A girl described this game, which she plays with her friends at school. Someone is 'It', and has a small ball. 'It' has to chase the other players and catch them by throwing the ball at them. If someone is hit, she becomes 'It'.

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