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School School 12

Victoria, Australia
Independent School and Primary School

School 12, visited late 2007, is a non-government, girls' school located in a metropolitan centre in Victoria. 28 teachers (25 female) taught Prep - Year 6 (they now teach Prep - Year 4.) on a single campus geographically separated from the senior school. At the time of fieldwork, there were roughly 165 enrolments in the junior school. Girls were generally of high socioeconomic background and there were about forty students with language backgrounds other than English.

Girls played vigorously and imaginatively in an attractive playground that includes a large, grassy oval area, basketball courts, shaded areas and an adventure playground. Rules and regulations are kept to a minimum and girls are asked to use their common sense. School uniform is strictly enforced and girls will generally wear bike shorts under their dresses which makes it easier for them to play unrestricted.