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Miscellaneous Physical Play Days of the Week

Counting Game and Physical Play

Days of the Week is a game played on steps. There is no limit to the number of girls who can play. It is a physical play game where props are used.


At School 12

Players: Several
Age: 9-10
Props: Playground Steps

There are seven steps leading down to the oval. They are wide and shallow and the girls play Days of the Week on them. Each step is a day of the week, from the top: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. The grass is 'Holiday'.

One girl is 'It' and stands down on the grass at the foot of the steps. All the others stand along the top step. The girl who is 'It' can name two 'poisonous days', and no-one is allowed to stand on those particular steps. Anyone who does is out.

'It' calls out a day of the week, and everyone has to move down or up to that particular step, but they must jump over any 'poisonous days'. Players: can help each other if the jump is too long for someone. Tthey reach out their hand and pull them up or down over the 'poisonous day' step, steadying them when they land.

If 'It' calls out 'Holiday!, everyone runs onto the grass. They have to reach the rubbish bin beside the oval, about halfway down. 'It' tries to tig someone, who becomes the new 'It'. If she doesn't catch anyone, she is 'It' again in the next game.

The game is played over and over until the bell rings.

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