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Miscellaneous Physical Play Green, Red, Orange, Yellow

Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Green, Red, Orange, Yellow is a made-up game with two or more participants. The different level of steps are designated with a specific colour - Ground level = Yellow, 1st Step = Orange, 2nd Step = Red, 4th Step = Green. One participant calls out a colour initially from ground level, whereupon the participants have to jump to that colour. The game proceeds by calling out different colours and jumping to that designated step. Participants are out if they step on the wrong colour or are too slow.

If a colour is called that is not represented on any of the steps, the participants have to remain where they are. There is however, a tendency to topple to the next step in anticipation of a call of green, red, orange or yellow. Two colours can be called together, whereupon the participants have to stretch between the two appropriate steps.


At School 09

Players: 2
Age: 8
Props: Steps in the front of orginal school building

Played at

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