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Clapping Game Down by the Banks

Clapping Game, Hand and Finger Play, Language Play and Physical Play

Down by the Banks is a clapping game played by (normally ) girls.


At School 16

Players: 3
Age: 7-8
Props: None

At School 13

Players: 8+
Age: 11

Down by the Banks
Down by the banks of the hanky pank
Where the bull frogs jump from plank to plank
With a hip, hop belly flop
Watch yourself or you'll be OUT!

At School 12

Players: 5
Age: 11 -12
Props: None

The players sit cross-legged in a circle, with their hands resting on their knees, palms up, and with their right hands resting on top of the person on their right's left hand. Someone starts the rhyme by saying 'Down', and bringing their right hand across to hit the player on their left's hand. That player does the same action with her right hand to the next player, and it goes around the circle in time with the beat of the rhyme. When the rhyme ends, if the last person's hand is hit on the word 'out', they are out. If they manage to avoid being hit, the person who tried to hit them is out instead.
The rhyme is:

Down by the banks of the hanky-panky
Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky,
With a hip, hop, crackle and a pop,
Hip, hop, crackle and a pop,
O-U-T spells out!

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