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Equipment Play Waterfall

Forbidden Game and Play with Equipment/Props

Waterfall is a game played on high monkey bars. Girls swing down them from the top, one straight after the other.


At School 14

Players: 4
Age: 11-12
Props: Play equipment

At School 14 Primary school children were not supposed to play the game.

At School 12

Children played games called Waterfalls on the swings when the fieldwrokers were there.

Players: 4
Age: 9-10

  • 'Waterfall' = a girl climbs up on top of the rings frame, positions herself sideways on the top, reaches down and grasps two of the closest rings. Then she flips her body over the top and swings down, hanging onto the rings.
  • 'Waterfall Junior' = the same as 'Waterfall', except the girl holds onto a different part of the rings frame.
  • 'Waterfall Extreme' = the same as 'Waterfall', except the girl holds onto the rings on the far side of the frame. She has to hang over the edge of the frame to reach the rings on the other side, then flip her body over and down, still holding onto the rings.
  • 'Waterfall Extreme Extreme' = same as 'Waterfall Extreme', except the girl holds onto the 'monkey bars' of the frame.
  • 'Waterfall Senior' = the hardest trick of all. The girl has to hold on to the opposite edge of the rings frame and flip herself over.

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