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Equipment Play Crocodile

Imaginary Play, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props
Alternative Names
  • Crocodile Snap (At School 05)

Crocodile appears to be a popular name for games that involve children balancing, or avoiding certain parts of the playground.


At School 14

Crocodile is a game played in the adventure playground. One child walks across red plastic stepping stones while another player tries to grab her from under the steps.

Players: several
Age: 7-11
Props: Adventure Playground stepping stones

At School 08

Players: 1+
Age: 10
Adventure playground/monkey bars

One girl swinging across on the monkey bars pretending there were crocodiles below - explaining how the game is played. Another girl who apparently sometimes plays it with her joined her by swinging across. The game is usually played by multiple players. There was no mention of players pretending to be crocodiles, at least not on this occasion.

At School 05

Players: 5
Age: 6
So called 'doughnuts' in playground area P

Action takes place in and on one of the doughnuts. Participants walk around on the top of the doughnut. One participant is in the middle and is the crocodile and snaps hands together attempting to 'snap' one of the participants walking on the doughnut. If snapped that participant then becomes the crocodile. Participants may venture beyond the doughnut but are still in. There is much noise and exclamations during the game.

At School 12

Players: 5
Age: 6 -7

One girl, the 'crocodile', stands out in front of the other players, who are standing in a line.

The girls in the line chant:

Crocodile, crocodile,
Lay across the river.
If not, why not?
What's your favourite colour?

The 'crocodile' calls out a colour. If anyone has that colour on, they have to run across to the fence on the other side of the oval without being caught by the 'crocodile'. If they don't have that colour they are safe, and they have a 'free walk' across.

Whoever is caught becomes the 'crocodile' in the next game.
The fence is called 'home'.

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    A fieldworker observed that Crocodile Snap played at School 05 had aspects of a chasey game associated with it.