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Miscellaneous Physical Play Climbing

Climbing Game, Forbidden Game and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Climbing on a boulder (At School 18)
  • Climbing on a tree (At School 12)

Depending on the school, climbing can be an activity that is either forbidden or discouraged.


At School 14

This game is against the school rules.

Climbing - where they climb up a tree as far as they can go, the one that climbs the highest wins.

Players: 3
Age: 6 -7
Props: Tree in Playground

At School 17

Very much an encouraged activity, children are allowed to climb trees - see photos. Mixed gender and ages

At School 15

Also encouraged at this school - on trees and playground equipment, Mixed gender and ages

At School 18

Age: 9

Climbing on large boulder, sitting and watching. Illicit.

At School 12

Players: 1
Age: 6

This girl puts her feet against the knobbly trunk of a huge old peppercorn tree and her back against the fence, and pushes herself upwards until she reaches the top of the fence and balances there, wedged between the two with her legs straight. The girls say they are not allowed to climb the trees or pull flowers out of the garden. This activity is a way of using the tree for climbing, without actually climbing up the tree itself.

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