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Ball Game Bounce

Ball Game, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

In Bounce, girls lined up about 2 metres away from the hoop. One girl was on the opposite side to those lined up to catch the ball. The aim of the game was to throw the ball through the hoop. If successful with their throw they then changed places with the 'catcher'. If they missed they could attempt another throw.


At School 16

Players: 8
Age: 11-12
Props: Basketball

At School 12

Players: 3+
Age: 10 -11
Props: Basketball, and hoops

This is an elimination game for any number of players. Before the game starts, players choose the order they will go in - someone goes first, someone second, etc. They also choose which painted line they have to stand on to shoot for the goal.

The first player shoots for goal. If she misses, the second player must run up and catch the ball after only one bounce. The second player must stay where she caught the ball, and shoot for goal. If she misses, the third player must catch the ball after one bounce, and so the game goes on.

If the ball fails to hit either the goal ring or the backboard, it's called an 'air ball', and the person can have another turn, shooting from the line chosen at the beginning of the game.
When someone shoots for goal, everyone else runs away. If she gets the goal, she shouts, "STOP!" and everyone must stop where they are. The aim is now to roll the ball to hit one of the other players, who will be eliminated from the game.

The person with the ball chooses the closest player and calls "Out or in?" The other player chooses 'out' (legs wide apart) or 'in (legs together), and stands that way. If she wants to, the person with the ball is allowed to take two steps or leaps towards the player. She can do this by just leaping from where she is, or she can put the ball on the ground to mark her place, walk backwards and then take a run-up to the spot where the ball is and then take two giant leaps. She marks the spot where she lands in some way, either by scratching a line on the ground or by putting a stick, leaf or other marker in place. Then she can pick up the ball and walk to her marker, and roll the ball from there.

Players: usually choose their own order for the first game, but in the second game the first player is the winner of the first game, the second player is the person who came second, etc.

One of the girls learned the game from her friends at her old school, and taught it to her friends at School 12. The children I have spoken with say that practically everyone at the school knows how to play Bounce.

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