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Language Play Fire Alarm

Language Play

Children make the noise of a fire alarm.


At School 12

Players: 2
Age: 6-7

This morning, there was a fire alarm at the school. One of the 3-phase power inputs had shorted out, causing the smell of electrical wire burning, and shutting off some of the school's power. The alarm went and the school was evacuated. Everyone thought it was just a drill until they learned that an electrician had been called to investigate and assess the level of risk, and that no-one was allowed back into the school until he had said it was safe.

At the end of lunch time, when the bell had gone and the children were moving back towards the school, two young girls began making 'whoop whoop' noises, just like the fire alarm did this morning, as they walked along. They did it until they went around the corner of the building where there are classrooms, and then stopped.

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