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Elimination Game Lucky Barrel

Miscellaneous Play

Luckey Barrel is an elimination game that uses props.


At School 12

Players: Several
Age: 7
Props: Playground Steps

This game is based on a game a grade 2 teacher played with her class.

One girl is the leader and stands on the ground. The other players each find one small thing from around the area where they are playing, e.g. a leaf, a stick, a piece of tanbark, etc., and give it to the leader. Then they go and stand on the platform, facing her.

The leader mixes up the items she has been given, then she chooses one (without looking?) and has to remember who gave it to her, but she keeps the name to herself. Then she calls out instructions to the other players, e.g. Sit down if you haveā€¦(e.g. hair ribbons, blue on your sneakers, shorts on, etc.). The girls who are wearing that particular item sit down. The leader continues to eliminate players by calling these instructions, until the only girl left is the one whose item she chose at the beginning of the game. The winner gets a 'prize', e.g. a hoop, or a toy from the equipment box, or some other thing the girls have decided will be a prize in the game.

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