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Ball Game Warball

Ball Game and Physical Play

Warball is a team ball game with similarities to the ball game 'brandy'.


At School 17

This is, according to students, one of the most popular ball games played at School 17, though researcher only witnessed the last 5 mins of a game that had been played throughout lunch.

There are two teams of varying size. The ball can be either thrown or kicked. If you throw the ball at someone and it hits their body (you are not allowed to throw the ball at anyone's head), they are immediately 'out' and have to stand on the sideline. If you catch the ball, one of the players on your team who is 'out' may re-enter the field. If you are tired, you may tag a person on the sideline to take your place. You have to stay on your side of the field or you are 'out'. The team who gets three goals in this time is the winner.

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