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Imaginative Play Elvis

Dramatic Play, Imaginary Play and Music Play

Sometimes children will impersonate well-known characters in a performance. In this case, the character was Elvis Presley.


At School 19

Players: 4
Boys and Girls
Age: 7-10
Props: Sunglasses

One of the two male informants brought his sunglasses to school which either male informant could wear and pretend to be what they knew of the character of Elvis Presley while wearing the glasses. It didn't matter to the participant girls that the boys wore the sunglasses in turns. One of the girl informants explained that they had obtained front row tickets in exchange for 'not bothering Elvis any more'. Then the boys put on a concert and although one of the boys tended to wear the sunglasses, they other seemed to actually know a song or two. They initially did a song together with the girls sitting on the grass in front of them and then the one that seemed to know the words of songs (included on one of the audio recordings) did a couple more songs (none of the songs seemed to be Elvis Presley songs).

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