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Imaginative Play Babies, Mummies and Daddies

Imaginary Play, Physical Play and Play With Toys
Alternative Names
  • Adventures of the Parkers (At School 06)
  • Babies (At School 19)
  • Babies V. Big Boys (At School 04)
  • Mothers and Babies (At School 18)
  • Mums and Babies (At School 19)
  • Mums and Dada (At School 18)
  • Playing Families (At School 06)

Versions of Babies, Mummies and Daddies were played at a variety of schools.


At School 07

Players: 4
Age: 5
Props: Plastic Wheelbarrows

Babies, Mummies and Daddies was played by five year old girls walking around the paved area at the back of school with two toy small wheelbarrows at School 07.

At School 04

Players: 4
Age: 7

('Babies V. Big Boy') - imaginative physical play involving touching, catching and wrestling on grassed area. There is an evil dad. (Map Ref: A2)

At School 19

Players: 5
Age: 7
Props: 'Like-Like Dolls'

These year one students used the doorway outside the principals office for their game play - chosen perhaps conciously or subconciously due to the location being sheltered, covered and in close proximity to an authority figure or perhaps chosen randomly. They had blankets and babies bottles, as well as other objects (see accompanying photographs).

Another version of the game was observed.

Players: 6
Age: 7
Props: Two clothed toy baby dolls, plastic toy potty, a bag containing feeding bowl, bottles and dummies.

Two toy baby dolls being carried around. The dolls are carried on the children's hips and in their arms. The 'home' area is a door-way corner into the administration building. The plastic see-through dolls bag contains a feeding bottle, bowl and dummies. A plastic potty is also used. The 'babies' are fed with the bottle and dummies are inserted into their mouths. (dolls must have holes for dummies) Arguments ensue over who gets to hold and baby-sit the doll babies. "We always go out for a date", said one of the 'mothers'. Some of the children pretend to sleep in the 'house' as well.

The owner and/or holder of the dolls demonstrates a social power over the other children. To care for a doll or hold the accessories is coveted and appears to be used to appoint status amongst the players.

At School 18

Players: 6
Girls and Boys
Age: 6
Props: Dolls

Playing mothers and babies. Twin sister that rides a horse. Mother feeds babies bottles, put them to bed. Babies crawl, cry etc.

Players: 1
Age: 7

Playing Mums and Dads (on her own!)

At School 06

Players: 3
Age: 9

Adventures of the parkers", pretend they are lost, parents have to find them undertaking big risks.

Also played by 3 six year old girls - just called 'playing families'

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