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Miscellaneous Activity Guess who?

Play with Equipment/Props and Quiet Play
Alternative Names
  • I spy (At School 18)

Guessing games take a variety of forms but are usually classified as quiet play.


At School 19

Players: 2
Age: 8
Props: Book and pen (or pencil)

One player would sit with a book and write the name of perhaps a famous person onto a page of the book. She would then show the other player the name, and turn the book away and the other player would have to guess the name of the famous person. We obtained a recorded explanation of this game and although I asked where the guessing came into the game it was difficult to determine from the answer. I began to suspect that perhaps they were not yet skilled in writing and spelling and perhaps this was where the guessing came into the game but the informant seemed to assure me that this was not the case.

At School 18

Players: 2
Age: 6

Little boys playing I Spy with my little eye.

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