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Clapping Game My dog ate my homework

Clapping Game, Hand and Finger Play and Language Play

My Dog is a Clapping Game with a rhyme.


At School 19

Players: 3
Age: 11

The dog ate my homework: the rhyme didn't rhyme and was sung to a handclapping rhythm.

My mother said to me, 'where is your homework?' I said to my mother, the dog ate it now.
The next morning, I went to pat the dog, I (undecipherable) and then I saw my dog doing a black hairy poo, and in the black hairy poo was my dirty fluffy hairy homework.

Although clearly a saying of some kind, it appears that the adaptation of the saying into a handclap may have been a spontaneous creation especially for our benefit. Later in the interview, this informants eagerness to contribute material appeared to support this theory.

This information is also included on audio housed at National Library of Australia.

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