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Miscellaneous Physical Play Triangle Hopscotch

Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Triangle Hopsctoch is a hopping game that usesa distinct triangle design that has been painted onto the asphalt. Within the triangle are painted each of the letters of the alphabet, once only. The children appeared to have no idea of any particular ruled to the game, however they would sometime hop about on the letters to spell out their names.


At School 14

One girl complained that the 'e' was too far to jump from the previous letter in the word or name she had been attempting to spell. The design appeared to be an adult 'education oriented' design not physically practical for use by children due to the dimensions and configuration. The design with modifications, suggested by children, could possibly become both educational and fun.

Players: 5
Age: 7-8
Props: pre-painted Hopscotch Court

Played at

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