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Miscellaneous Physical Play Horse Play

Dramatic Play, Imaginary Play and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Horses (At School 18)
  • Saddle Club (At School 03)

Children will sometimes play games where they pretend to be horses.


At School 15

Children pretend to be horses using their jumpers as bridles

Players: 2
Age: 10

No text description. Video located at Museum Victoria.

At School 03

Together they play Saddle Club "we ride horses" One of the girls owns a live horse. "We make cubbies at home with blankets. We play "mothers" and "sisters". When we play hopscotch we play in front of the toilets. We play shop and houses under the arched bars of the play equipment.

Players: 2
Age: 10

At School 18

Players: 3
Age: 5-8

) "Horses": one owner to each horse. Elisse (KT) rides her imaginery horse to Sydney.

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