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Miscellaneous Physical Play Dance Practice

Dance Game and Physical Play

Sometimes children will practice for school events in their playtime.


At School 08

Players: 4
Age: 10

Practicing the steps of dance they were to perform in school 'end-of-year' performance.

At School 05

Players: 3
Age: 7

Girls playing music on portable player and practising dance moves in preparation for 'Busking Day' to be held on Thursday. This is a fund-raising program within the school to collect funds for the Royal Children's Hospital Good Friday Appeal. AREA X


Players: 2
Age: 6

girls practicing dance moves and singing the words of 'TICK TOCK' AREA Y


Players: 7
Girls and Boys
Age: 6-7 (or Age:?)

Participants are listening to music and practicing moves (Tick, Tock) for Busking Day. AREA Y.

Players: 8
Age: 9

Practicing dance moves to music played on portable player in shade cloth area. AREA U.

At School 06

Players: 3
Age: 7

Song and dance routine in preparation for show for parents. Routine involves toy characters and a princess.

Related Events

  • Busking Day (2010 - )

    A lot of the dance practice completed throughout the week at School 05 was done for performances held on Busking Day

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