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Event Busking Day (2010 - )

25 March, 2010
Fundraising Occasion and Teacher aided game

School 05 participated in the annual Busking Day, which was held in the morning of . The children set up stalls, dressed up, put on make-up and performed or sold things to raise money for the Royal Children's Hospital Appeal. Students, teachers and parents wandered through the playground, stopping at the stalls to see what was being offered.

Some of the activities observed at School 05:

  • Making and selling necklaces and stickers
  • Soccer challenge - try to kick a soccer ball into a soccer goal guarded by a senior boy
  • Performances - dancing, singing, playing musical instruments
  • Selling 'sausage' balloons
  • Performing magic, card tricks
  • Games - throw a ball into a bucket, home-made quoits (see photo - the 10 year-old girl learned how to make the quoits at Bunnings Hardware store during one of their Saturday morning workshops)
  • Gymnastics demonstrations
  • Hand dyeing - dip hands into mixture and they turn dark green or blue (some children called them 'Avatar' hands after the movie about a race of blue-coloured people)


At School 05

While we were taking photos in Area U, a Year 4 class walked through on their way somewhere. They started chanting spontaneously, led by the girls:

Go Geordie! It's your birthday. Go Geordie! It's your birthday.

It was quite something! It sounded really good with the whole class joining in. They said later that it's just something they do among themselves. It makes the person feel good. It certainly made us smile, especially Geordie.

Played at

Related Miscellaneous Physical Play

  • Dance Practice

    A lot of the dance practice completed throughout the week at School 05 was done for performances held on Busking Day