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Miscellaneous Physical Play Sim, Sim, Sah Version 2

Hand and Finger Play and Physical Play

In Sim, Sim, Sah Version 2, two girls, each beginning at opposing ends of the snake painted on the concrete. The snake is segmented, with each segment identified by a letter of the alphabet. To the chant of 'sim, sim, sah' each participant advances according to result of the hand actions accompanying the chant. This by another name is a version of 'paper, rock, scissors.' When the participants reach the 'middle' of the snake they cross and reverse to the other end still chanting the rhyme and actioning with the hands. The first to reach an end is the winner. There was much animation involved with the game.


At School 07

Players: 2
Age: 10
Props: Painted snake at the back of the school

Played at

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