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Miscellaneous Activity Making Shapes with Sun Hats

Miscellaneous Play and Quiet Play

Using hats to create shapes with shadows


At School 04

Players: 2
Age: 7 and 11
Props: School hats

Some boys know how to twist their school sun hats into different shapes. Using their hats for this purpose seems to be a part of the playground traditions at this school, at least in the Junior School, as boys of different ages knew how to do it and the others weren't surprised by the activity.

1. 'Cowboy Hat' Grade 1 boy made a 'Cowboy hat' by rolling the hat lengthwise, pushing the top through the middle and unrolling it again. The shape of the hat looked different - it had two indentations running along the length and a ridge along the centre of the crown.

2. Unnamed shape (possibly a Fortune Cookie) and a 'Duck's Head' The two Grade 5 boys each made a different shape from their school sun hats. The first shape was 'something I had to eat at a restaurant' and the other was a 'Duck's Head'.

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