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Equipment Play Transformers

Dramatic Play, Physical Play and Play with Equipment/Props

Two boys climb on the metal frame of the adventure playground and play a game based on the M rated movie and playstation game Transformers. Other similar games includeBionicle and Ninja Turtles (also movies) .

Similar sorts of games are played at other schools.


At School 14

Players: several
Age: 7-11
Adventure Playground stepping stones

At School 04

Players: 6
Age: 1

There are both bad and good guys. There is also a girl Transformers. Can transform into a car. They have weapons such as swords, bombs, missiles, bullets, guns and torpedoes. Imaginative physical play on grassed area. Map Ref: A3)

Age: 3

Boys in a small isolated group playing Transformers and Deceptors. One boy has an A4 lined page from a notebook with figures/markings on it which is the language of the Transformers which can't be understood by the players. (Map Ref: Q1)

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