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Chasing Game Bull Rush

Chasing Game and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Red Rover

Bull Rush involves a large number of players running from one side of the playground to the other.


At School 16

Players: 20+
Boys and Girls
Age: 11

One person is in. The rest line up on a boundary in this case a fence line. The person in calls "bullrush" and the children run from this boundary to another, about 25 metres in distance. The 'in' person tags as many as possible. They then help him/her to tag as the game progresses. When the bell goes for end of play, either recess or lunch, they all shout "Saved by the bell".

At School 09

Players: Many
Boys and Girls
Age: - Multi Age:

NB: game described to but not observed by fieldwrokers.
The game involves a large number of players who gather on one side of the playing area. They all rush to the other side of this area. Whoever is last to get there is 'In'. 'In' shouts 'Bullrush' and all players have to run to the other side of the playing area. Any player that gets 'tipped' has to stay in the middle and 'tip' as well on the next call of 'Bullrush'. Game continues until just one man 'left standing' who then has to try and negotiate the collection of players in the middle without being tipped.

At School 02

Players: Many
Age: 11

The players form a line on one side of the playing area. 'It' stands facing them, and chooses someone - 'It' calls out, "Red Rover, Red Rover, I call over.....(name)" That player must try to run across to the other side without 'It' catching him. If he gets caught, he becomes an extra 'It' and helps to catch the others. When he gets caught, everyone rushes across.

There are special rules and terms for this game:
When 'It' calls out someone's name, that person has three options:

  • He can quickly say, "Bull Rush", and that means everyone runs across at the same time, reducing his chances of being caught.
  • He can quickly say, "Taxi", and this means he will run across by himself.
  • He can quickly say, "Helicopter", and this means the same as saying "Bull Rush" - everyone runs across at once.

But if 'It' quickly says "No nothing!" or "No Bull Rush!" after he calls out someone's name and before the person chosen can say Bull Rush, Taxi or Helicopter, it means that person must run across by himself.

Whoever says their word/s first is the winner, and gets to control whether one or all of the players run across.

At School 04

Players: 8
Age: 4

Game played at School 04, but not described in any details, except to say that it is called Red Rover at this school

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