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Imaginative Play Indiana Jones

Dramatic Play, Imaginary Play and Physical Play

Movie characters can be the source of imaginary play. An Indiana Jones movie had been released around the time that the school was visited.


At School 04

Players: 5
Age: 9
Props: Stormwater drains

These boys were playing a game based on the 'Indiana Jones' movies about a hero who goes looking for ancient treasures and has adventures along the way. They all had character names and their task was to find the 'Crystal Skull'. They moved across the area at the end of the oval, according to the action of the game.

The boys were using the stormwater drains running under the oval in their game. The drains have open metal grills, and in the game these were 'portals' - 'Portal 1', 'Portal 2' and 'Portal 3' - their 'secret way to communicate'. The boys were kneeling on the covers of the drains and leaning over to yell their messages to the others. The person on the middle drain had the job of relaying the message along to the people at the other end.

An older boy (Grade 5 or 6) saw them doing this as he walked back to class, and asked them what they were doing. When he found out, he said, "Cool!"

During the game, one boy let a handful of dirt trickle down into one of the drains. A boy at another outlet said, "He's weeing!" because the sound of the dirt falling into the drain sounded like someone weeing. The boy who put dirt into the drain got into trouble from a teacher - he may also have put rocks and stones into the drain - but the teacher understood the distinction between something that happens as part of the game and someone doing it to block the drain, and gave him a talking-to but did not punish him further.

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