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Ball Game Mega

Ball Game and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Mega Ball

Mega is a ball game played on a basketball-size court.


At School 02

Players: 7
Boys and Girls
Age: 13
Props: Basketball

This game takes place on the sealed surface of the tennis court area, using a basketball-size ball which is known as a Mega. Sometimes the game is called 'Mega-ball'. The action takes place on approximately one third of the court area, although there are no defined boundaries as such, some of the lines on the court provide an informal defined area of play. Play is commenced with the bounce of the ball in the centre. The player who gains the ball throws it at another player with the objective of hitting the player on the full. The strike must be below shoulder height. The ball must not touch the ground first. Once hit, a player stands aside on the boundary and is considered 'out'. However those players considered 'out' can retrieve the ball and participate by attempting to strike with a direct hit, any player still actively engaged in the game. The last person who survives not being hit with the ball is the winner.

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