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Miscellaneous Activity Beep Beep Ready

Chasing Game and Language Play

Beep Beep Ready is a call and respond game.


At School 02

Players: 10
Age: 13
Props: Hat

The play takes place on the tennis court area. 'It' is chosen at random who then stands at one fence while the other players stand at the opposing fence, in a line. 'It' selects a 'messenger' from the other players (or sometimes two if there is a large number of players) who conveys a question to other players who then provide individual answers to the question. (Question could be something like 'What is your favourite colour?'). Messenger/s conveys the answer the answers to 'It' who selects an answer and calls it out and then turns and faces away from the players. The 'owner' of the correct answer quietly runs to 'It' and touches 'It' on the back and quickly and quietly returns to the base line of players. The players shout out, "Beep, beep ready". 'It' turns and tries guessing the 'owner' of the correct answer. If 'It' guesses right, both 'It' and the 'owner' race the opposite fence, touch it and race to a hat marker in the centre. Otherwise 'It' continues guessing until the 'owner' is found and the racing takes place. The loser of the race becomes 'It'.

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