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Miscellaneous Physical Play Racing

Physical Play, Play with Equipment/Props and Running Game
Alternative Names

A competitive game of running races.


At School 02

Players: 7
Boys and Girls
Age: 9
props Concrete ball wall, bench seat

NB - There is a rule at the school: no running on concrete or paved areas.

A group of boys was having races by starting with their backs against the concrete ball wall at one end of the asphalt area and running flat out to a bench seat at the other end, and back again. First there were four boys racing, then there were three, then two. Then one of the girls raced against one boy. The people who weren't racing were barracking loudly.

The teacher on duty came up to the group and said she wasn't really happy for them to be racing so fast on the hard surface, as someone could really get hurt. She told them to go up to the grassed oval area if they wanted to continue racing. A couple of boys went away.

When the teacher had gone out of the immediate area, four boys had another race in the same spot, but running much slower than before. They continued this slower racing even when the teacher came back, with two boys racing and four girls barracking really loudly for them. The teacher allowed them to continue without interference.

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