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Imaginative Play Animals and 'Stick Flowers'

Dramatic Play, Imaginary Play, Physical Play and Play with plants/garden materials

Animals and 'Stick Flowers' was a game of imaginary play which was interrupted by another group of players deliberately.


At School 02

Players: 8
Boys and Girls
Age: 7
Props: Stuffed animals and plants

One girl had brought her soft toys to school and she was sharing them with her friends. There was a pink battery-operated pig, which could wriggle its nose and bottom and make oinking noises, a kookaburra and a puppy. Their names were 'Piglet', 'Kookie' and 'Chocolate' respectively. The girls were playing on steps leading up to the oval, beside the Hall.

The girls were playing 'Animals' - one was a horse and one was a pig. They were making the sounds and the movements, and 'practising running' by shuffling their feet in a patch of loose dirt, which had a groove from their feet. One girl (the 'horse') was on all fours, giving a 'horsey ride' to another girl on her back.

The game was interrupted when some boys came into the area and started annoying the girls by throwing 'stick flowers' at them.

These boys were picking 'stick flowers' - the immature flower heads of a plant growing beside the oval (similar to a dandelion) - and throwing them at the girls. When the head of the plant touches clothing it sticks to it, and the stem is left sticking out straight.

The boys had great fun throwing them at the girls, and the girls kept asking each other if there was a stick flower on her back/in her hair, etc. The boys very effectively broke up the game of 'Animals'.

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