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Miscellaneous Physical Play Duck, Duck, Goose

Chasing Game, Circle Game and Physical Play

Duck, Duck, Goose is a circle game which is generally played to the following rules.

Children sit in a circle.One walks around the outside of the circle touching each person on the head and saying, 'Duck….duck….duck…' until they touch someone and says 'Goose!'

The one touched stands up. The two children standing run in opposite directions, and the first person to sit down in the vacant spot stays there. The other person has a turn to walk around touching heads and saying 'Duck…' etc.


At School 02

Players: 10
Boys and Girls
Age: 6

The children followed the formula only loosely. Things changed significantly when 'goose' was called. Instead, the other boys jumped up and started shouting and hugging each other while jumping up and down on the spot. This disrupted the game, and by the time the fieldworker arrived, all but about four people had dispersed.

When I asked the boy in charge what they were playing, he said in a puzzled voice, "We were playing Duck, Duck, Goose, but they all went wild!"

He said he used to play the game in Kinder.

At School 08

Players: 2 lots of 4 players in separate games
Boys and Girls
Age: 6-11

Traditional version of the game

School 05

See photos - no descriptive text.

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