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Miscellaneous Physical Play Shield, Ammunition, Gun

Hand and Finger Play and Physical Play

Shield, Ammunition, Gun operates like 'Paper, Scissors, Rock'. Children use it to fill in time while waiting in line and so forth.


h4>At School 02

Players: 2
Age: 11

In this game, there are three positions for the arms and hands:

  • SHIELD: cross arms over chest
  • AMMUNITION: place index and middle fingers of both hands up to both temples
  • GUN: make a gun shape with both hands, pointing them at your opponent.

The game is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, as there is a hierarchy of positions to determine who wins the game:

  • SHIELD protects from gun
  • AMMUNITION means you are getting ammunition to shoot your gun next time. You can't shoot a gun unless you have first got ammunition. The number of times you get ammunition equals the number of times you can shoot your gun.
  • GUN can shoot Ammunition. You can only shoot the gun provided you have got Ammunition first.

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