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Imaginative Play Dinosaurs

Imaginary Play and Physical Play

Dinosaurs inspire a lot of children's imaginative play.


At School 02

Players: 5
Girls (4) and Boys 1
Age: 6

This group of children was mainly playing in and around a small covered area with wooden benches and a table (Map area E2). They also occasionally ran across to use the wooden play equipment in their game. They dug a small hole in the grass beside the path, and I heard the words 'for the eggs'. One person was a Raptor and another a T-Rex - the game turned into a chasing game when they all chased the T-Rex around the wooden play equipment. Some time later, they were playing on the benches in the sheltered area and a boy brought some dried leaves across from under a tree, and made a small pile of them on the grass. It was not clear what the purpose of the leaves was. During the game, one boy called out 'Incoming!' as a warning that some others were coming. The teacher on yard duty told me they had recently been studying dinosaurs in class.

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