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Chasing Game Dr Who Game

Chasing Game, Forbidden Game, Imaginary Play and Physical Play
Alternative Names
  • Dr Who Monsters
  • Monsters

This was a complex game derived from knowledge of the program, Dr Who.


At School 08

Players: 4
Girlss and Boyss
Age: 10

They also called this game 'monsters', or more completely, 'Doctor Who Monsters'. The creation of the game was attributed to one boy in particular and he, apparently was an expert on the Doctor Who television series and movies. At some point, or at least to some degree, this game had been banned by one or more teachers and therefore the playing of the game 'taboo' for a subset of the students, which explains perhaps the element of secrecy demonstrated by the children playing 'sliding down the poles' described in sheet number 007 in this project.

The game is played by the child who is 'it' deciding which Doctor Who monster she or he preferred to emulate and using the characteristics of that monster to chase and menace the other players (if the boy who created the game was playing, he was always the first to go 'it' (the other players appeared to think this perfectly fair). If, as an example, a player decided their monster was the 'cybermen' from Doctor Who, then they would pursue the other players moving their hands in the chopping motion used in the television series by those characters, if they were 'Daleks', they would pursue their quarry exclaiming 'exterminate, exterminate!', and so on. Each player, upon being caught would decide which monster's character to assume and carry on the game in that manner till they caught the next victim whom would do the same.

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