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Chasing Game Hide and Seek Chasey

Chasing Game and Hiding Game
Alternative Names
  • Hide and Go Seek Tiggy (At School 02)
  • Hide and Seek Tiggy (At School 05)

Hide and Seek chasey combines the basic elements of hide and seek and chasey.


At School 14

Players: 3
Age: 6 - 7
Props: None
A 'dip dip' is used to determine who is the first to go 'it' or 'he'

School 02

Players: 3
Age: 12
Props: Tree

The girls find out who is 'It' by doing 'Turn around, touch the ground' or 'Twenty-one', or 'Rock, Paper, Scissors'.

'It' counts for a minute (up to 60) while the others hide, then 'It' has to go looking for the other players. When she finds someone, she has to run after them to tig them. If she tigs someone, they are 'It'.

They play on the oval and around the buildings beside it, and can go anywhere within the boundaries they have agreed before the game. There is a big Eucalypt tree across on the far side of the oval (area R2), and that is the 'pause' - "if you touch it you're on pause". 'Pause' means freeze, and is indicated by crossing the index and middle fingers on both hands, and holding them up. Players: can go on a pause if they want to stop for a while because they're puffed out, etc.

At School 05

Players: 4+
Age: 9

One person is 'It' and counts up to twenty while the other players hide. When 'It finds them they have to run away before they are tagged. If they are tagged they become 'It'.

If they want to have a rest they can go to the fence ("the fence is 'barley'"). They have to go to a certain part of the fence, and that's 'barley' (the safe place). They can only be 'barley' for one minute.

When they start a game, they find who will be 'It' by counting-out on feet. The rhymes they use are 'Eeny meeny miney mo' and 'There's a Party on the Hill'. (see separate sheet)

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